Monday, 18 May 2015

Minutes May 2015

Minutes of the meeting for worship for business held 11.10 am on Sunday 3 May
9 Friends were present.          Paragraph 23.14 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.
15.11    Matters arising
(a Thank you to all those who helped at the AM held in Witney.  It was very well attended and Tracey Smith’s talk was well received.
(b) North Leigh Primary School.  Mahalla Mason and Ruth Slade will lead two assemblies on June 8th, with accompanied singing led by Lesley Morris and Keith Harris
(c) Coombe Mill outing May 17th – 17 Friends are signed up to attend this Outing.  Places are still open – names to Mahalla.
15.12  Area Meeting
To be held at Marlborough FMH on Thursday 7th May 6.15 for 7.30.  We hope that Sue Bowers and Suzette Hubbart will be able to attend as our representatives.
15.13 Outreach Week 3-11 October
We have in the past offered an Open event during this week which has been an inspiration for the Meeting as well as being enjoyed by those from outside who attend and would like to continue to do so.  We ask Allan Carr, Mahalla Mason, Sharon Watson and Suzette Hubbart to form a planning group and to bring an outline of their ideas to the June Meeting for Business.  There will be an opportunity for further detailed discussion to take place at the S & P gathering on August 19th.  The theme is ‘Living Adventurously’.
15.14  Safeguarding procedures annual review
Mahalla reported that she has had her Disclosure and Barring Service certificate renewed for three years and we note that the Bethany Room where we now meet is considered a safe room for young children.  The children meet with the Methodist children of their age.
15.15 Spiritual & Pastoral Care matters
The date of next meeting 20 May 2015 7.30 at 3 Church Green
15.16   Donations for work in disaster areas
a) We agree the sending of a donation of £200 sent via Oxfam after cyclone Pam for work in Vanuatu
b) We wish to donate £300 to the Disasters Emergency Committee for work in Nepal and ask the treasurer to send a cheque.  This will deplete the sum set aside in the budget.   We will discuss later, with the finance group, what steps to take if there are further emergency needs to be met.
There was no further business and the meeting closed at 11.30am
Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 7th June 2015
Sue Bowers, Jenny Franklin


Combe Mill outing 17 May

On 17 May, members of the meeting visited Combe Mill, Hanborough. Photos from Lesley Morris.