Monday, 30 November 2015

Minutes September 2016


Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held on Sunday 6 September 2015 at 11.30 am in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney
9 Friends were present. §23.52 of Quaker Faith and Practice  was read during our opening worship.
1      The memorial meeting to give thanks for the grace of God in the life of our Friend Ed Morris was held on Saturday 22 August. About 50 family, friends and Friends from the Area Meeting were present.

2     Dates of meetings and representatives appointed
          a        We appoint Mahalla Mason to attend Area Meeting at Charlbury              on 12 September.
          b        We will return in October to the appointment of representatives               to attend the Area Meeting Elders and Overseers meeting in                          Faringdon on 24 October.
          c        We have been invited to attend the networking event at Base 33              on 14 September. Mahalla and Don Mason will represent us.
          d        The next Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering will be at 3                        Church Green on 2 December at 7.30, when our topic will be                   Ministry: Vocal and Silent.
          e        We receive an update from the arrangements group for the                      Outreach event on 8 October in the Bethany Room at 7.30. The                   topic is Faith into Action, and the evening will include worship,           discussion and individual contributions.
          f         We have planned a bring and share lunch for 20 September. As a              number of Friends are not able to be present for this, we                      agree to cancel the lunch on this occasion. Our next bring and                 share lunch will be on 20 December.

3     Financial matters
Our Treasurer has spoken to the 2015 figures. We are glad to note that our finances are healthy. The figures are attached to these minutes.

We are able to consider how to use an anticipated surplus for this year of at least £1700 and will return to this at our November meeting, when we will also receive the 2016 budget.

Letters asking for guidance on Friends’ intentions to give to the meeting in 2016 are now being distributed.

The Finance Group asks that a name is brought forward to replace our Friend Ed Morris on this group.

4     Nominations
Our Friend Ed Morris was our appointed trustee to Oxford and Swindon Area Meeting. We ask our Nominations Committee to meet and find a name to fill this post as soon as is convenient, and also to consider the Finance Group request.

5     Woodbrooke-on-the-Road in 2016
Charlbury Meeting has invited Burford and Witney meetings to join with them in a Woodbrooke-on-the-Road event in 2016, probably with the theme Building Community. We are glad to support this both by attendance and  financially and look forward to further details. We ask Jenny Franklin to liaise with Angela Kyte.

6     Storage
We note the recommendation from the clerks’ team that a metal storage cupboard should be purchased for our use in the Methodist Church and ask our treasurer to arrange payment of £162 for this purpose.

7     Any other business
a   Refugee crisis: we are sadly aware of the very desperate situation in which many people fleeing war and oppression find themselves, in their         attempts to reach sanctuary in Europe.
·        We recommend that Friends write individually to David Cameron.
·        We circulate the statement issued by Quakers in Britain and ask Friends to make this known.
·        Mahalla Mason will approach Duncan Enright for details of any action the Labour Party in Witney might be taking, and circulate any information.
·        Mahalla Mason has written to Churches Together in Witney to ask if there are any plans for joint action.
·        Details of wording for possible letters are attached to these minutes.

          We encourage Friends to share information on their own and other          responses to the situation.

b        Wording for Remembrance Day (red and white) poppy wreath:Sharon      Watson will find suitable wording for this year’s wreath, for approval at         our November meeting.

c        We note that Suzette Hubbert will take on setting up and welcoming         duties on the 5th Sunday.

There being no other business, the meeting closed with worship at 12.15pm

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