Sunday, 7 February 2016

Minutes of February meeting for business

Witney Local Quaker Meeting

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held 7.2.16 in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.

9 Friends were present. §2.12 of Quaker Faith and Practice  was read during our opening worship.

16.01Matters arising
  Woodbrooke on the Road event: arrangements are well in hand for the shared event with Charlbury and Burford Friends. This will be held at Charlbury FMH on Saturday 23 April from 9.30 am to 4pm and the theme is Building a Quaker Community.  All those associated with Witney meeting are welcome to attend, and costs will be met by Witney LM. Those wishing to attend are asked to let Jenny Franklin have their names by 1 March.

16.02    Asylum Welcome
Mahalla Mason has updated us on work being done to support refugee families from Syria coming to Witney. The need is for accommodation to rent, which is proving hard to find. Storage for donations is difficult. Asylum Welcome has a list of what will be required but at present money is what is being asked for. There is also a need for language teachers for basic English. The adopt-a-room proposal can be activated when accommodation has been secured. There will be a meeting of the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Wider Group on 17 February at 10 am in Oxford Town Hall.

We agree to ask members of the meeting to offer individual donations as a separate project from our agreed giving at this stage, and to review the need for a donation from LM funds later.

16.03 Finances 2015 and 2016
a)       Our treasurer Ruth Slade has spoken to the accounts for 2015, which we approve, subject to final audit. The accounts will now be presented to the Area Meeting for auditing.  We thank our treasurer for her work.

b)       We have considered the detail of our donations to Quaker bodies and to local organisations for 2016. We agree to give to the following Quaker bodies: Young Friends General Meeting (£250) and Glebe House (£250) and to return to possible donations to other Quaker bodies later in the year.

We agree to retain our local giving as for 2015, recognising that support for refugee action might result in a drop in giving to other local causes (£200 to Bridewell Organic Gardens, £200 to Base 33).

We agree that our treasurer should delay making these donations until later in the year, when the bulk of members’ contributions will have been received and we have a clearer picture of our resources.

16.04  Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering
          Our next gathering is at 7.30 pm on 24 February at 5 LarchLane, when our         topics will include: appropriate information for those who have been    attending or worshipping with us for about 6 months; understanding    Quakerspeak; and making use of the Quaker games which have been a gift           from Sue and John Bowers.

16.05  Rota for reading Advices and Queries
          Peter Couchman will re-establish this monthly rota.

There being no other business, the meeting closed with worship at 12.15.

We had the great pleasure of celebrating his centenary with our Friend Dennis Compton at his retirement home in Witney on Tuesday 2 February. Many friends, family and local Quakers joined in wishing him well at a party organised by Jill Green of Oxford Meeting and others. Witney Friends provided the cake, and the Queen sent a congratulatory card.