Sunday, 6 March 2016

Minutes of March meeting for business

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held 6.3.16 in the Bethany Room,  Methodist Church, Witney.

6 Friends were present. §21.66 of Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.

16.06 Matters arising: our accounts for 2015 have been presented for examination and approved. They will now go forward to the AM audit.

16.07 Area Meeting 13 March : we appoint Jennifer Barraclough as our representative to AM in Abingdon.

16.08 Wood Green School: Lesley Morris and Mahalla Mason were able to respond to this invitation to speak to 80 sixth formers about the history of Quakerism and their personal experiences of faith. Don Mason also attended. We are glad to know that this went well, and thank our Friends for undertaking this visit.

16.09 Work under concern: Mahalla Mason has completed the online survey for Meeting for Sufferings about work we are undertaking under concern. We have read parts of Ch. 13 of Quaker Faith and Practice  to help us understand the significance of a Quaker 'concern', and suggest that this is taken up at a future Spiritual and Pastoral Care gathering.

There being no other business, our meeting closed with worship at 11.50.