Saturday, 3 June 2017

April minutes of meeting for business


Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held 2 April 2017 in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church

4 Friends were present. The final paragraph of the Introduction to Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.

14/17 Matters arising
(a) Jennifer Barraclough has reported that the testimony to Sue Bowers has reached a final draft, which is now being read by the family before it is brought to this meeting for approval.
 b) We have three more meetings before we complete the schedule of reading Q F & P. We will complete the exercise on 23 April (a week late because of Easter: Introduction and history), 21 May (Chs 10 & 11) and 18 June (Chs 7 & 15).

15/17 Annual safeguarding review
          Mahalla Mason has given us the formal report on our safeguarding provisions (attached). We are pleased to note that all the health and safety and other requirements are being met, and thank the Methodist Church for its care in these matters.

16/17 Date of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering
 The next meeting will be held on 25 June at 12 noon, a change of date because of our summer picnic event on 11 June.

17/17 Any other business
We ask Mahalla Mason to present our gifts, with a card to be signed by all present, as a formal welcome to Ada Iris Roulson into Witney meeting on 9 April.

There being no other business, our meeting closed with worship at 11.50


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