Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dates for your diary October 2017

Witney Quaker Meeting.  Dates for your diary. Sep.+ October ‘17

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30th ASYLUM SOUNDS, Witney’s Rock Barn, (in the barn up the slope next to Bill’s) all afternoon and evening to raise funds for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.  Organised by Witney Refugee Action.
SUNDAY OCTOBER 1st 10 am start and Business Meeting at 11.30 am.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 7th 10.30 am Fair at High Street Methodist Church; lots of stalls and the VOICE BOX CHOIR.
TUESDAY OCTOBER 10th Churches Together in Witney Council Meeting 7.30pm.  Venue to be decided.
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 11th the Healing Group meets at 2.30 pm at 5 Larch Lane.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 21st AREA MEETING’S ELDERS AND OVERSEERS GATHERING, Topic: ‘The nature of Quaker Concern’   in particular Cornwall Area Meeting’s concern on the legality of possessing drugs for personal use.    Organised by Ruth Baker, Rhonda Riachi and Carol Saker.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 28th:  Berks and Oxon Regional Meeting.  11am at Amersham Meeting House:    ‘Supporting young adults in the Society of Friends’.  Oliver Robertson clerking.
MONDAY OCTOBER 30th  the Clerks meet at 11 am at 5 Larch Lane.

Minutes of our meeting for business 3 September 2017

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held 3/9/17 in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.
11 Friends were present. An extract from Quaker Faith and Practice, 27,01, was read out during our opening period of worship.
                27/17 Matters Arising :
a.       As in previous years we are to lay a wreath of red and white poppies during the Remembrance Service in Witney on 12thNovember. We appoint Lesley Morris and Yvette Gulland to do this for us.
b.      Quaker Outreach Week is taking place in October.
We agree to buy ‘The Friend’ outreach magazine to distribute to friends which will cost £10 for 20 copies.
We have 10 outreach postcards for Friends to give to non-Quaker friends inviting them to a meeting. Friends are invited to take these home with them to distribute.

28/17 Half yearly finance report

Ruth Slade, our treasurer, gave a summary of the report.
Our reserves from last year are more than expected and our costs are down at the moment. Our surplus could be between £2,000 and £4,000.
We are asked to consider the possible use of this surplus for 2017 and to bring these considerations to the next Meeting for Business in November.
We are committed to giving a basic amount of £300 to BYM.
Sue Bower’s legacy of £500 is still unspent and separate from the figures seen.
We thank Ruth for all her work with the accounts.

29/17 Food Bank request
Witney Local Food Bank has written to enquire whether our meeting would become a referral agency for them. This would involve handing out vouchers to people known to us who are in need and who could then use the vouchers to obtain food from the bank.
We feel that this is something that the meeting would like to take on. Mahalla Mason and Sue Hubbert are willing to be signatories and to hold the vouchers. Friends would then refer to Mahalla and Sue for further information.

30/17 Next S &PC Gathering
The next Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering is on Sunday 24th September after meeting for worship. Sharon Watson will offer a mindfulness exercise as a part of this.
31/17 A.O.B

a.       The next Area Meeting is on Thursday 7th September at Faringdon Meeting House at 7pm. Nobody is available  to attend this as our representative.
b.      Area Meeting Naming Group for Elders and Overseers for the next triennium. Lesley read the information received from this group describing Witney Meeting. She will update the information re how long we have been a meeting.
 We closed with worship at 12.15