Friday, 22 December 2017

Meetings for worship over the Christmas and New Year period

We will be holding our normal Sunday meeting on 24 December, at 10.30. There will not be a meeting for worship on Christmas Day, and we will meet again on Sunday 31 December.
Witney Friends send loving greetings to all those who have worshipped and worked with us during the course of 2017, with particular thanks to the Methodist Church for its hospitality.

More photos from the shared lunch

Thanks to Roshan for more photos from our shared lunch on 3 December.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas shared lunch 3.12.17

We enjoyed another shared lunch on 3 December, with the pleasure of music and carol singing, and the delightful company of 10-month-old Ada! Thanks to Yvette, Lesley and Keith for the ukelele playing and carols accompaniment, and to everyone for delicious food and warm company.

Minutes of November meeting for business

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held on Sunday 5 November 2017 at 11.30 am in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.
11 Friends were present. During opening worship, §19.48 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read.
37/17 Dates of events 2017 and 2018
We have confirmed the following dates:
·        3 December  shared lunch and celebration
·        10 December Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering (to follow meeting for worship)
·        24 December meeting for worship as usual; no meeting for worship on
§  25 December
          Dates of meetings for business:
·        4 February
·        4 March
·        3 June
·        1 July
·        7 October
·        4 November
This pattern accommodates disruptions due to Easter, bank holidays and YMG, amongst other factors.

38/17  Use of legacy from Sue Bowers
We have received information on various options, including a day visit to Hawkswood, a day visit to Friends House, a ‘song and silence’ event tutored by Mark Russ from Woodbrooke on Saturday 14 April, and a Sunday gathering at Charney Manor.
We agree to email Friends in this meeting with the two latter options, to ask for preferences, and to bring this matter back to a later meeting for decision. We wish to invite Friends from Charlbury and Burford to join us, and ask the clerks to contact them with these possibilities.

39/17  Treasurer’s report and 2018 budget
a)    Finances 2017: income has remained steady. We anticipate a surplus of £2181, due to low expenditure and surplus reserves brought forward from 2016.
b)   Donations 2017: we agree the following donations
·        BYM - £300
·        Young Friends General Meeting - £300
·        Quaker Council for European Affairs - £200
·        Quaker Homeless Action - £200
·        Base 33 - £225
·        Citizens Advice Bureau Witney - £200
·        Rohingya appeal (via Disasters Relief Committee) - £1500
We approve the reserving of £1000 to support a new CTiW initiative on homelessness in Witney, and ask representatives to a forthcoming meeting on this matter to report back to us.
c)    2018 budget: our treasurer has spoken to the proposed budget. We approve the budget, including an increase of £50 in our annual rent for the Bethany Room, to represent an inflationary increase for 2018.

40/17  Nominations  January 2018 – December 2020
We receive the report from our Nominations Group on recommendations for appointments for the triennium 2018-2020. We appoint the Friends named below accordingly:
o   Clerks’ team : Jennifer Barraclough, Suzette Hubbert, Mahalla Mason (also correspondence clerk) Sharon Watson (release Jenny Franklin)
o   Treasurer: Ruth Slade
o   Finance Group: Ruth Slade, Suzette Hubbert, Adam Noble, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Nominations Group: Jennifer Barraclough (convenor), Rae Cather, Don Mason, Lesley Morris
o   OSAM trustee: Jennifer Barraclough
o   Representative on OSAM nominations group: Ann White
o   Rota organisers: Mahalla Mason, Liz Edwards
o   Special collections: Rae Cather, Caroline Bing, Adam Noble, Allan Carr (release Jenny Franklin)
o   Library: Sharon Watson, and Liz Edwards to assist (release Lesley Morris)
o   Health and Safety, Safeguarding: Stephen Mohammad (release Mahalla Mason)
o   CTiW representative: Lesley Morris (release Mahalla Mason) – second name required in due course
o   Data Recorder: Judy Taylor (release Mahalla Mason)
o   Funeral advisors: Lesley Morris, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Care of children:  Caroline Bing (actual children’s meeting provisions suspended for the time being)
o   Convenor of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Group: Mahalla Mason
41/17 Any other business
        Representatives to Area Meeting in Swindon Saturday 11 November:
          Jennifer Barraclough, Sue Hubbert, Mahalla Mason, Don Mason.

There being no other business, our meeting closed with worship at 12.30