Monday, 4 December 2017

Minutes of November meeting for business

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held on Sunday 5 November 2017 at 11.30 am in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.
11 Friends were present. During opening worship, §19.48 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read.
37/17 Dates of events 2017 and 2018
We have confirmed the following dates:
·        3 December  shared lunch and celebration
·        10 December Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering (to follow meeting for worship)
·        24 December meeting for worship as usual; no meeting for worship on
§  25 December
          Dates of meetings for business:
·        4 February
·        4 March
·        3 June
·        1 July
·        7 October
·        4 November
This pattern accommodates disruptions due to Easter, bank holidays and YMG, amongst other factors.

38/17  Use of legacy from Sue Bowers
We have received information on various options, including a day visit to Hawkswood, a day visit to Friends House, a ‘song and silence’ event tutored by Mark Russ from Woodbrooke on Saturday 14 April, and a Sunday gathering at Charney Manor.
We agree to email Friends in this meeting with the two latter options, to ask for preferences, and to bring this matter back to a later meeting for decision. We wish to invite Friends from Charlbury and Burford to join us, and ask the clerks to contact them with these possibilities.

39/17  Treasurer’s report and 2018 budget
a)    Finances 2017: income has remained steady. We anticipate a surplus of £2181, due to low expenditure and surplus reserves brought forward from 2016.
b)   Donations 2017: we agree the following donations
·        BYM - £300
·        Young Friends General Meeting - £300
·        Quaker Council for European Affairs - £200
·        Quaker Homeless Action - £200
·        Base 33 - £225
·        Citizens Advice Bureau Witney - £200
·        Rohingya appeal (via Disasters Relief Committee) - £1500
We approve the reserving of £1000 to support a new CTiW initiative on homelessness in Witney, and ask representatives to a forthcoming meeting on this matter to report back to us.
c)    2018 budget: our treasurer has spoken to the proposed budget. We approve the budget, including an increase of £50 in our annual rent for the Bethany Room, to represent an inflationary increase for 2018.

40/17  Nominations  January 2018 – December 2020
We receive the report from our Nominations Group on recommendations for appointments for the triennium 2018-2020. We appoint the Friends named below accordingly:
o   Clerks’ team : Jennifer Barraclough, Suzette Hubbert, Mahalla Mason (also correspondence clerk) Sharon Watson (release Jenny Franklin)
o   Treasurer: Ruth Slade
o   Finance Group: Ruth Slade, Suzette Hubbert, Adam Noble, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Nominations Group: Jennifer Barraclough (convenor), Rae Cather, Don Mason, Lesley Morris
o   OSAM trustee: Jennifer Barraclough
o   Representative on OSAM nominations group: Ann White
o   Rota organisers: Mahalla Mason, Liz Edwards
o   Special collections: Rae Cather, Caroline Bing, Adam Noble, Allan Carr (release Jenny Franklin)
o   Library: Sharon Watson, and Liz Edwards to assist (release Lesley Morris)
o   Health and Safety, Safeguarding: Stephen Mohammad (release Mahalla Mason)
o   CTiW representative: Lesley Morris (release Mahalla Mason) – second name required in due course
o   Data Recorder: Judy Taylor (release Mahalla Mason)
o   Funeral advisors: Lesley Morris, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Care of children:  Caroline Bing (actual children’s meeting provisions suspended for the time being)
o   Convenor of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Group: Mahalla Mason
41/17 Any other business
        Representatives to Area Meeting in Swindon Saturday 11 November:
          Jennifer Barraclough, Sue Hubbert, Mahalla Mason, Don Mason.

There being no other business, our meeting closed with worship at 12.30

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