Monday, 12 February 2018

Minutes of February business meeting


Minutes of a Meeting for Worship for Business held on Sunday 4th February 2018 at 11.30, Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.
9 Friends were present. &21.35 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.
01/18. Arrangements for Dennis Compton’s funeral.
This will take place on Wednesday 7th February at South Oxford Crematorium, Garford, OX13 5PA at 12 noon.
We agree to fund £50 for the notice of Dennis’s death in ‘The Friend’.
02/18. Finance
Ruth Slade, our Treasurer, talked us through the financial outturn for 2017 and the revised budget for 2018.
We note that our finances continue to be in good health and we are where we expected to be. We have put a stop to the cheque to Base 33 for £225. We have £1,000 earmarked for the Witney Homelessness Strategy group.
We approve the figures for the outturn for 2017. Copies of the accounts are attached to the minutes.
03/18. Charney Manor Away Day.
This will take place on Sunday 25th February from 2.30-7.30pm. Numbers are good and we have a total of 34 Friends attending from Witney, Charlbury and Burford Meetings.
The full cost of the Day is £1,020  of which £500 has already been earmarked from Sue Bower’s legacy.
We agree to fund the £520 shortfall from our training budget.
04/18. Witney Homeless Strategy.
Mahalla Mason updated us on this. There was a meeting on 30th November. There is a small need in Witney. ‘Homes 4 All’ was present and was passionate about a ‘Jumpstart’ bus for Oxfordshire. SWEP (severe weather emergency protocol) was mentioned. Oxford churches provide space to sleep under this scheme. There is a possibility of this happening in Witney.
There is to be a Churches Together in Witney meeting on 5th February where a full report will be given by the Homelessness Strategy Group. Mahalla will report back to us on this meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed with worship at 11.55.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Area Meeting trustees in Witney

Oxford and Swindon Area Meeting trustees joined Witney Friends for a shared lunch before their meeting on 21 January.(There was a little trouble with our door: the last photo shows Sharon and Jennifer not quite managing to fix it!)
 Photos from Sue Hubbbert

Monday, 15 January 2018

Appointments for service in the meeting 2018-2020

Welcome to 2018, and the start of a new triennium for appointments in the meeting. There have been some changes: we thank those Friends who are now laying down service, and those who are beginning something new or continuing in a previous role.

These are the appointments from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020:

o   Clerks’ team : Jennifer Barraclough, Suzette Hubbert, Mahalla Mason (also correspondence clerk) Sharon Watson 
o   Treasurer: Ruth Slade
o   Finance Group: Ruth Slade, Suzette Hubbert, Adam Noble, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Nominations Group: Jennifer Barraclough (convenor), Rae Cather, Don Mason, Lesley Morris
o   OSAM trustee: Jennifer Barraclough
o   Representative on OSAM nominations group: Ann White
o   Rota organisers: Mahalla Mason, Liz Edwards
o   Special collections: Rae Cather, Caroline Bing, Adam Noble, Allan Carr 
o   Library: Sharon Watson, and Liz Edwards to assist 
o   Health and Safety, Safeguarding: Stephen Mohammad 
o   CTiW representative: Lesley Morris  – second name required in due course
o   Data Recorder: Judy Taylor 
o   Funeral advisors: Lesley Morris, Jennifer Barraclough
o   Care of children:  Caroline Bing (actual children’s meeting provisions suspended for the time being)

o   Convenor of Spiritual and Pastoral Care Group: Mahalla Mason