Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Minutes of March business meeting

Witney Local Quaker Meeting
Minutes of a Meeting for Worship for Business held on Sunday 4th February 2018 at 11.30, Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.  9 Friends were present. The poem ‘Gift Catching’ by S. Watson was read out during our opening worship.
Matters Arising
Minutes of a meeting for business held on 5 March 2018
9 Friends were present.

05/18 : Accounts for 2017
We record that the accounts for 2017 for Witney Local Quaker Meeting have been examined and accepted.
06/18 : Churches Together in Witney meeting 5th February
The report from the Witney Homelessness Strategy Group was not given at this meeting as Rev Melanie Reed was unable to attend. The report will be given at a later date. The Rev Ness Whiffen is liaising with the Oxford Churches Initiative for Homeless People.
07/18 : Record of Dennis Compton’s funeral
Dennis’s funeral took place on 7th February at South Oxon Crematorium, Garford. We wish to write a Testimony to the Grace of God in his life. This is to be written by Don and Mahalla Mason. We will ask Area Meeting next Saturday if there is someone from another meeting who would like to contribute.
08/18 : Record of our Away Day
We shared our Away Day at Charney Manor on Sunday 25th February with Burford and Charlbury Friends. This was partly funded by Sue Bower’s generous legacy. Friends enjoyed the afternoon. Many thanks to Jennifer Barraclough for organising the day and to Lesley & Roger for the music session and to Sharon Watson for the poetry session. A card of appreciation was sent to John Bowers.
09/18 : Representatives for Area Meeting
Area Meeting will take place on Saturday 10th March at Burford Friends’ Meeting House at 10.30 and at 2.00. We appoint Ann White and Jennifer Barraclough to be our representatives.
10/18 : Spiritual and Pastoral Care Gathering
Our next gathering is on Sunday March 18th at noon.
11/18 : We record that a visit was made by the meeting to Witney Buttercross Cubs on 27th February. 17 cubs and 4 leaders were present. An Introduction to Quakers was given and an assembly about co-operation from the Quaker Life Peace pack. We were asked to return again at a later date. We thank Adam Noble and Mahalla Mason for this visit.
There being no other business, the Meeting closed with a short period of Worship at noon.

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