Friday, 27 July 2018

Minutes of the July meeting for business

Witney Local Quaker Meeting
Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held Sunday 1 July 2018 at 11.30, Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.

11 Friends were present. §12.01 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.

18/18              Matters arising
Quaker Outreach Week: we have considered whether we wish to offer activities during this year’s Quaker Outreach Week (29 September-6 October). We thank Judy Taylor for reflecting on suggestions from Friends House.  We agree to participate and are particularly drawn to the possibility of becoming a Sanctuary meeting, and to offering an open hospitality event for those wishing to find out more about Quakerism.

Adam Noble will investigate the requirements for the former and circulate information by the end of July.

Sue Hubbert and Ann White will explore the logistics of an ‘open house’ event and report to us after a meeting for worship in late July. Friends are encouraged to contact Sue and Ann with thoughts and observations on such an event.

19/18              Response to Southern Marches concern for a ‘post-truth’ society
We have considered an outline of this concern and how we might proceed. We ask Judy Taylor to spend more time on reflection of the issues involved and to offer us a comment which we might pass on to Area Meeting/Meeting for Sufferings.

20/18              Representatives to Area Meeting 15 July
We appoint Sue Hubbert and Jennifer Barraclough as our representatives to Area Meeting and the AGM in Abingdon on 15 July.

21/18              Other representatives
Ann White has asked for release as our representative to AM Nominations Committee. As Lesley Morris is willing to relinquish her role with CTiW, we appoint her as our Nominations Committee representative and Sue Hubbert as our representative on CTiW. We thank Ann for her service.

22/18              Financial support
We agree to meet the cost of Sue Hubbert’s attendance at the forthcoming Woodbrooke weekend organised by Quaker After-Life Studies. We look forward tdo a report on the event.

23/18              Dates of future meetings
The next Spiritual and Pastoral Care gathering will be on Sunday 23 September, following meeting for worship.
The next meeting for business will take place on Sunday 7 October (no business meeting in September).

There being no other business, our meeting closed at 12.25 with a short period of worship.