Sunday, 7 October 2018

Minutes of the October 2018 meeting for business


Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held Sunday October 7 2018 at 11.30am, Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney

11 Friends were present. §12.04 from Quaker Faith and Practice  was read during our opening worship.
24/18  Becoming a Sanctuary Meeting
We have considered what is involved in registering this meeting as a Sanctuary meeting. We feel that it is appropriate for Witney to register in this way and our clerk will contact Friends House accordingly. Sue Hubbert and Adam Noble will be our email contacts.
25/18  Quaker Outreach Week
Sue Hubbert offered an Open House over the lunch period of 29 September, which provided an opportunity for anyone interested to drop in and hear more about Quakers. It was an opportunity for inreach as well as outreach, and we thank Sue for her hospitality.
26/18 Response to Southern Marches concern
 We have been asked if we wish to respond formally to the Southern Marches concern for a ‘post-truth’ society. We observe that there are confusions inherent in the wording of their concern, and agree that this is a complex area. We do not particularly wish to add to minutes already sent from the AM but support the view that Meeting for Sufferings should continue to review the concern. We forward this minute to our Area Meeting.
27/18 Quaker Fellowship for After Life Studies
 Sue Hubbert and Frances Bird attended this conference at Woodbrooke.  We are sorry to hear that Mahalla and Don Mason were prevented, though Don’s talk was made available to the conference. We have heard a brief report from Sue on this interesting event, including details of the speakers and some of the issues considered.
28/18 Remembrance Day
 We appoint Lesley Morris and Allan Carr to lay a mixed red and white poppy wreath on our behalf on Remembrance Day.  We are pleased to receive a crocheted white poppy wreath provided by Witney Town Council as part of the ‘poppy mile’ armistice centenary tribute in the town.
29/18 Churches Together in Witney
Sue Hubbert has reported on a recent meeting, at which fewer than half the churches involved were present. Discussion was mainly on finances, which appear to be adequate. Sue has told us of the initiative to donate items of clothing, bedding etc to homeless people in the area, and will email Friends the list. Items should be given to Sue for collection before 10 October.
30/18 Finance update
Ruth Slade, our treasurer, has reported that promised contributions for this year have largely been received, though a few remain outstanding. In November, we will consider our budget for 2019, and the distribution of any surplus for 2018. Friends are asked to come with proposals for this distribution. We also need to decide on the use of £1000 which was earmarked last year for support to homeless people.
31/18 OSAM nominations
Lesley Morris, our representative on AM nominations committee, has asked for any interest in attending, as an AM representative, (a) the QCCIR conference 8-10 March 2019; (b) the All-Age Outreach conference 15-17 February 2019.
A name is also being sought to replace Paul Wadsley as AM membership clerk.
Friends should contact Lesley for further details.
32/18  Correspondence clerk
Mahalla Mason has asked for release as soon as possible from her role as correspondence clerk. We ask our Nominations Committee to meet to consider this appointment.
There being no other business, our meeting closed at 12.15 with a short period of worship.