Sunday, 10 March 2019

Minutes of a meeting for worship for business held on Sunday 3 March 2019


Minutes of a Meeting for Worship for Business held on Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 11.30, Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney.
11 Friends were present. &2.06 from Quaker Faith and Practice was read during our opening worship.
06/19. Date Correction.
We note an error in the minute 4/19 ‘Forthcoming dates’ from our last Business Meeting. The last
shared lunch date should read 1/12.
07/19. Representatives for Area Meeting 9th March
We appoint Sue Hubbert to be our representative at Burford on Saturday 9th March. Clare McKinley will also attend, if available.
08/19. Appointment of fourth member of the Nominations Group.
We appoint Jenny Franklin as the fourth member of the group. We thank Jenny for her willingness to serve on the group.
09/19. Travelling Minute for Ann White.
The travelling minute for Ann was read out and approved by the Meeting.
10/19. Spiritual & Pastoral Care Gathering.
Our next gathering is on Sunday 17th March after Meeting for Worship. The topic is ‘What’s in a Name?’ We note that the following S & PC gathering in June will be at Lesley Morris’s home in the early evening. We have decided to change time and venue to hopefully enable more Friends to attend.
11/19. A.O.B. Citizens Advice West Oxfordshire 
We have received a letter from the CAB. They are delighted to receive our donation and we look forward to hearing from them in due course.

There being no other business the meeting closed with worship at 11.45.