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Minutes of 7 July 2019 meeting for business

Minutes of a meeting for business held on Sunday 7 July at 11.30 in the Bethany Room, Methodist Church, Witney
9 Friends were present. §24.38 of Quaker Faith and Practice  was read during our opening period of worship.
18/19 2019 Finances
We have received an update on our 2019 finances. Our treasurer has spoken to this. There are no unexpected events or changes to report. We are pleased to note that income received is at the level expected for this time of year, with £1419 still anticipated for receipt. This will help meet our forecast for the end of the year.
19/19 Donations
We have been able to consider how to spend money set aside for a donation to BYM, support for Quaker work and support for local work, as well as money intended for outreach and training.  The total sum uncommitted to date of which we are certain is £1578. This year we are being asked to provide assistance to enable two of our clerks to attend a training course on clerkship at Woodbrooke. We agree that this will be valuable for the individuals and for the meeting, and is also a way of supporting Quaker work. We understand that it is likely that another Friend will wish to attend a Woodbrooke course. We therefore set aside £750 for this purpose.
We have received an update from Citizens Advice Witney on the grant of £500 we made at the beginning of the year. As only £190 of this has so far been spent, we agree to keep £425 in reserve till later in the year, and invite CA to approach us again for a further grant once the original sum is close to being spent.
We agree to send £300 to BYM.
We note that this leaves us with sufficient funds to consider further donations later in the year.
20/19 Appointment of treasurer
Our treasurer Ruth Slade has asked to be released from service, as she expects to move away from the area shortly. Our Nominations Group brings the name of Adam Noble to replace her, to serve until the end of this triennium (31.12.21) in the first instance. We appoint Adam Noble accordingly.
We thank Ruth very warmly for the careful and diligent way in which she has looked after our finances, and for her many contributions to the life of this meeting, and wish her well in the future.
21/19 Summer outing
Our summer outing will be at Cogges Farm from 2-5 on Saturday 17 August. We plan to meet in the café and to spend an afternoon together, with a scone/cream tea for refreshments.   All Friends are invited to attend, with partners and friends if so wished. We ask Friends to let us know if they plan to attend, so that we can book refreshments, together with a tour of the house if that is wanted and affordable. Friends with dietary requirements are asked to specify these so that we can check availability with Cogges Farm café. Sue Hubbert will send an email to members of the meeting.
22/19 Oxford LM Garden Room project
Oxford LM is planning an extensive alteration to its premises at 43 St Giles, to renovate the kitchen area and build a new garden room for meetings and functions. We have been asked if two Oxford Friends can visit us to speak to the project on a Sunday after meeting. We ask our clerks to contact Oxford LM and ask for dates on which this visit might take place.
23/19 Sustainability
The question of our approach to sustainability and environmental concerns, both personally and as a meeting, has been raised. We recognise that there are many small actions we can take as individuals, and in which we can encourage one another – being careful about our use of single-use plastic at our bring and share lunches has been given as one example – and that this has  also been raised as a much larger concern for the Yearly Meeting. We may be able to join with our cluster LMs Burford and Charlbury to consider how we can best address this important issue. We ask our clerks to find out whether they are engaged in any work in this area, and also to ask Rae Cather as a member of the Green Party in Witney for her input.
24/19 OSAM Area Meeting
This will take place in Faringdon Meeting House from 10.30 on Saturday 13 July. We are unable to send a representative on this occasion.
25/19 Any other business
Two volunteers are needed to replace Ruth Slade on the rota for opening up/welcomes, and refreshments on the first Sunday of each month, starting in September. We ask Sue Hubbert to email the meeting asking for this assistance.
There being no other business, our meeting closed with worship at 12.30.

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